BSI Security Certification

Accelerated Security Certification (BSZ)

LANCOM Systems is the first company to receive a security certificate in accordance with the BSZ testing procedure ("Accelerated Security Certification"). For this purpose, the LANCOM 1900EF has undergone a certification process lasting several months, which proves its high level of security as well as its robustness against attacks. This renewed cer­tification by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) thus proves the excellent security level of the LANCOM product range and gives companies and public authorities the certainty that their networks are optimally protected.


What is the BSZ?

The "Accelerated Security Certification" (German: "Beschleunigte Sicherheitszertifizierung", BSZ) confirms the security pledges of manufacturers regarding their products by means of an independent certificate. Through a series of tests (evaluation), the security capability (security target) committed to by the manu­facturer is tested. Subsequent conformity tests confirm whether the committed security capabilities are actually provided. The actual effectiveness of the technical security measures/security capabilities and the cryptographic functions and procedures used in the product are examined for typical errors by penetration tests. In addition, the installation instructions are checked to see if they lead to a secure system when followed correctly. Part of the BSZ certificate is also a software update policy and a commitment to respond promptly to vulnerability reports.

The BSZ is compatible with the French CSPN. These two schemes are currently undergoing European standardization and may be merged into a future European scheme under the Cyber Security Act.

What is the BSZ?

The first BSI-certified SD-WAN gateway

The LANCOM 1900EF is the first BSI-certified device in this category. As an enormously powerful multi-WAN VPN gateway, it is suitable for use as a classic VPN or as an SD-WAN gateway as part of an SDN-based network.

Its outstanding security features make it ideal for cross-site networking wherever sensitive data is processed - including government and public sector networks, healthcare, insurers, and financial services - as well as for protecting enterprises and assets that are targets for tampering, sabotage or know-how extraction.

The gateway is designed and manufactured in Germany to the highest security and data protection standards. The firmware underlying the certification, LCOS 10.32 PR, was developed at the company's headquarters near Aachen.

The first BSI-certified SD-WAN gateway

Possible applications

The application of BSZ-certified devices is recommended for all areas that have the highest demands on their IT security, such as:

  • Companies with high security requirements
  • Industrial facilities
  • Critical infrastructures
  • Public institutions
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare

Important building block for more digital sovereignty

Since its foundation, LANCOM has pursued a consistent anti-backdoor policy throughout its entire product portfolio. The LANCOM 1900EF and the firmware LCOS 10.32 PR are developed and manufactured in Germany according to the highest data protection standards.

IT security made in Germany

The trust mark "IT Security made in Germany" (ITSMIG) and certifi­cation by the German Federal Office for Information Security confirm the trustworthiness and the outstanding level of security. LANCOM is committed to ensuring that its products are free of backdoors and meets the stringent requirements of the amendment to the German IT Security Act (IT-Sicherheitsgesetz) regarding the trustworthiness of central IT components in critical infrastructures. This makes the LANCOM 1900EF an important building block for more security, resilience, and digital sovereignty in business and government.

LANCOM Declaration of Trustworthiness

IT security made in Germany

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