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Frequently asked questions about LCOS FX Unified Threat Management

As usual in the field of network security, we also complement our firewall technology (LCOS FX) with selected UTM services from specialized OEM partners.

With LCOS FX 10.11, we are introducing a new service for content filtering and anti-spam services. The reason for this are economic difficulties of our original OEM partner, which made it necessary to change the internal content filtering and anti-spam services, so that a stable basis for all services is now available again.

Not affected are: Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware, Application Filter, IDS / IPS, and all functions of the LANCOM UF Basic License.

The Content Filter of LCOS-based routers is also not affected by this situation.

Nevertheless, to be on the safe side, we recommend all customers to switch to the new software version LCOS FX 10.11 immediately.

Further information on the recommended procedure can be found in this FAQ.

Information on how to deal with the current situation

Which functions are affected?

Only the following services are affected:

  • Anti-Spam
  • Content Filter
  • DNS Web Filter

Which functions are not affected?

  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Malware
  • Application Filter
  • IDS / IPS
  • All functions of the LANCOM UF Basic License
  • Content filtering of LCOS-based routers

What are the effects of the unavailability of the Content Filtering and Anti-Spam services?

  • The firewall behaves as if both services were switched off.  
  • Web pages can be called up without any restrictions. 
  • E-mails are forwarded without spam checking and filtering

How is my network still protected?

Essential UTM and security functions continue to protect your network effectively: Malware and virus protection is unrestricted, and communication classified as dangerous at the network level is blocked via IDS/IPS. VPN-encrypted connections also remain fully functional and communication can still be restricted to desired protocols and applications.

We recommend an update to LCOS FX 10.11 in order to be optimally secured with regard to content filtering and anti-spam services as well.

What other measures should be taken?

  • Update to LCOS FX 10.11 for normal use of content filtering and anti-spam services with our new partner
  • Use the LANCOM Content Filter in conjunction with the BPjM module. The BPjM filter contains an official website list from the "Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien" (German Federal Review Board, BPjM) whose content is officially classified as harmful to young people. In this knowledgebase article, we explain how to configure the application.
  • Once again, make your customers and employees very aware of how to deal with suspicious e-mails, with a special focus on the issue of phishing.
  • The application filter can be used, for example, to block social media applications completely (for a transitional period).

Who is the new OEM partner?

Our new OEM partner for content filtering and anti-spam services is Bitdefender, a global cybersecurity software company headquartered in Bucharest.

When do the changes take effect?

According to current information, our previous supplier plans to continue operating the content filtering and anti-spam services and sell them to an investor. Nevertheless, to be on the safe side, we recommend all customers to switch to the new software version LCOS FX 10.11 immediately.

Are there plans for two or more OEM partners in the future?

This is currently not planned from our side.

What will change specifically in the settings and the work of the Content Filter?

A few adjustments to the content filter categories will be necessary. Here you can find a dedicated migration guide with all important information.

Wo findet man immer den aktuellen Stand zu diesem Thema?

Here you can get the latest information.

Next steps

With LCOS FX version 10.11, content filtering and anti-spam services are provided by a new, specialized OEM partner. As far as possible, the migration will be automated. However, in some cases the categories cannot always be exchanged exactly, so you should check your Content-Filter configuration afterwards and make decisions manually if the assignments are unclear. Depending on the type of management and the number of your LANCOM R&S®Unified Firewalls, there are different migration alternatives:

  • Migration of a single LANCOM R&S®Unified Firewall
  • Migration of multiple LANCOM R&S®Unified Firewalls using the LANCOM web tool created for this purpose
  • Migration of LANCOM R&S®Unified Firewalls managed via the LANCOM Management Cloud

This addendum to LCOS FX 10.11 explains how you can conveniently migrate your LANCOM R&S®Unified Firewalls in a way that is tailored to your situation.

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