LANCOM Rack Mount Plus

19" rails with front-panel connectors

LANCOM devices in CPE housings, including our routers or access points, fit seamlessly into professional 19" cabinets with the LANCOM Rack Mount Plus. The connection ports are re-directed to the front panel to make the device easy to work with. The device takes up just a single height unit in the cabinet and the device, cables, and power supply are neatly concealed.

Technical features

  • Rack-mounting bracket for easy mounting of LANCOM devices with an indoor housing
  • Connection ports redirected to the front make it easier to work with devices in 19" racks
  • Ports: 5x Ethernet, 1x serial, 2x 3G/4G, 1x ISDN, 1x USB A socket
  • Occupies one height unit in the server rack
  • Sturdy metal housing with black powder coating
  • Dimensions: 48.3 cm x 4.4 cm x 16.0 cm (WxHxD)


Easy mounting of LANCOM devices in indoor housings

LANCOM devices in CPE housings, including our routers or access points, stow space-savingly inside 19" cabinets with the LANCOM Rack Mount Plus. Having all your networking equipment in one place gives you an instant overview at all times.

Front-mounted connection ports

The LANCOM Rack Mount Plus redirects the device ports to the front, which greatly simplifies the work with devices in a rack. There is no need to remove the device from the rack to check or change the cabling. What's more, the opening on the front of the Rack Mount Plus puts the device status LEDs clearly on display. At a glance you can see whether your equipment is operating properly.

Space-saving unit in the server rack

When fitted with the device, the LANCOM Rack Mount Plus occupies just one height unit in a 19" rack. The device takes place with your other network components in the server cabinet.


Front side:

Front side:

Rear side:

Rear side:

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