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Central control of multiple access points from a single device

WLAN controllers automatically configure access points both locally and remotely. LANCOM WLAN controllers offer consistent control over your network, scalability, security, and reliability. This provides easy and convenient planning and management of wireless networks from a central location by means of a WLAN controller.

The controller's management software also detects rogue access points and optionally sends an alert to the administrator. WLAN routers at remote sites are also managed securely. If the connection to the controller should fail, the local WLAN automatically switches to standalone mode and keeps your network operational.

Smart WLAN controllers provide flexible concepts for a variety of requirements: Performance and operational reliability are maximized by breaking-out the payload from the access point directly into the network. At the same time WLAN management data is forwarded to the central controller. SSIDs, such as those used for Wi-Fi guest access at hotspots, are tunneled through the LAN to ensure a secure separation from your own user data.

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