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Turning IT challenges into success stories together

The world of sports and the world of IT have one thing in common: obstacles are part of everyday life – be it new requirements and strong competition or even unexpected network disruptions and necessary configuration adjustments. In moments like these, it becomes clear how decisive reliable support is: with the certainty that you can build on strong back-up even in difficult situations or stressful phases, challenges can be mastered more easily together. It doesn't matter whether you are just planning your network, securing your equipment or want to gain practical knowledge in workshops – we are there for you!

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What makes us stand out

As a mid-sized company, we know first-hand the individual challenges you face and how indispensable partnership-based, trusting cooperation is in everyday business. That's exactly why we support you with our hearts and minds and make sure everything runs without a hitch in the background. We look forward to hearing your story and sharing ours with you.

Customer focus

We are here for you!
  • Customer first
    You are not just our focus, you are our number one priority: Our direct line to you – whether by phone, e-mail, or at live events – makes all the difference in the complex network market. Find out more: Customer Success Management.
  • Individual, valuable support
    You are more than just a ticket to us, because we understand that every company IT is unique. We take the time to provide tailored support and demonstrate what we mean by sustainable customer relationships.
  • Direct, open communication
    We are not anonymous faces behind screens, but your personal contacts. Of course, we don't just listen, we use our comprehensive knowledge to find the best network solution together.

Reliable quality

We keep our word – that's a promise!
  • Consistency & experience
    For over 20 years, we have stood for consistently high quality. Our service & support is no exception. Professional know-how on "IT-Security Engineered in Germany" is and remains part of our DNA.
  • Security pledge
    Your trust in us motivates us to deliver top performance every day. When others might shake their heads, we keep our promises and certainly won't let you down, so that issues are resolved as quickly as possible.
  • Future viability
    We don't just live in the here and now, but act sustainably and take responsibility for our customers. Conversely, this means that you can also count on us for networks planned for the long term.

Can-do mentality

We do not think in problems, but in solutions!
  • Efficient solutions
    No matter how complex or seemingly unsolvable a problem may be, we will find a way. For you, this means: We don't get lost in the theoretical "coulda, coulda, woulda", but focus on what is practically feasible.
  • Acting instead of reacting
    We are specialized in being not only problem solvers, but "problem identifiers". We work closely with you to identify vulnerabilities and address them effectively before they become a problem.
  • Continuous development
    We firmly believe that no challenge is too difficult. That's why we attach great importance to continuous improvement. To keep us on the same wavelength, we offer workshops, webinars, and training.

More highlights

  • Free access to firmware and security updates as part of the Lifecycle Management
  • Extensive, freely accessible documentation with best practices, instructions, and hints in the LANCOM Support Knowledge Base
  • German- and English-language support
  • Direct and fast request for services via dedicated inquiry form for partners as well as end customers

Our support products

No one knows his devices better than the manufacturer himself. That's why our support staff are experienced experts who know our devices inside out and will take care of your concerns. You decide what you need and when – reliable protection for your devices in all operating phases (LANcare) or selective support for network optimization and administration (Services).


long-term. plannable. investment-proof.

"Don't worry, we'll take care of it!" – who doesn't like to hear something like that? This is exactly the kind of worry-free service that LANcare gives you for your devices directly in the long term. As a strong basis for your continuous business operations, LANcare allows you to plan and calculate costs and services right from the start, so that investments are protected.

Depending on the LANcare product you choose, our consistent support throughout the entire device lifecycle is always available to you in the form of manufacturer support with guaranteed service and response times, security updates, and advance replacement of the device.

LANCOM services

short-term. flexible. pragmatic.

"Problems? No problem!" – despite modern network infrastructures and efficient business processes, unexpected problems or adjustments necessitated by growth are part of everyday business life. It is precisely in these cases that it is good to know that customized services from expert hands are just a click away.

From support for network problems, planning, configuration, and optimization to acute emergency support, our services offer individual assistance for entire networks directly from the manufacturer when you need it.

All at a glance: Always keep track of all services and options for LANCOM hardware products with the practical Overview of the LANCOM Service & Support.

What else we offer

Immediate help & documentation

Well informed, better decisions – always stay up to date with the latest information, documentation, and recommendations.

Registrations & trials

Enter and get started right away – in just a few steps you can register your options, devices, or software and, if required, for 30 days to try them out.

Support & replacement service

Don't worry about repairing issues – find competent contacts in your area or find out about our support services and the general support conditions.

Service and Support Conditions

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Most questions can be resolved best in direct contact.

We look forward to answering your questions and requests by phone or via the contact form.

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