LANCOM Customer Success Management

Your satisfaction is our highest priority

We are convinced that the key to your long-term success is trustworthy customer support and a high level of customer satisfaction. The LANCOM Customer Success Management is therefore your first point of contact for information about your request or complaint so that we can process it as quickly as possible.

Please note that the process described here applies to international partners.

General information on the process

It is always required to undergo the support process first if you have technical questions. Further information on this can be found on the support contact website. We will be pleased to take your feedback on site and find a quick solution together.

If our technical support does not meet your expectation, you can contact our Customer Success Manager (CSM) for any feedback or complaint. She will be in contact with you for further follow up to fulfill your requirement and expectations. 

It is a matter of course that we treat all information confidentially and observe data protection. Further information on data protection can be found in our data privacy policy.

Please note that we expect you to provide all information truthfully and to the best of your knowledge. In individual cases, LANCOM reserves the right to charge the costs incurred by deliberate false statements.

Submitting feedback

If our technical support does not meet your expectations, you are welcome to contact our CSM by e-mail or telephone. You can find the contact details in your LANCOM Partner Relationship Management System (PRM).

Processing your request

1. We investigate every indication of dissatisfaction in detail and take your concerns seriously. You will therefore usually receive a confirmation of receipt on the same day.

2. The request will be processed by the CSM to document the process, comment on it, and develop suggestions for remedying the cause.

3. The CSM will contact you for further follow up and if necessary will make an appointment with you and the support team.

The following information helps us to speed up the process:

  • Personal data & contact (e-mail, telephone number, address)
  • Products or services causing the complaint
  • Reason for the complaint (as detailed as possible, please)
  • Information about any previous contact (e.g. with support: Case number, case worker, a detailed description of the call history from your point of view)
  • Possible solutions from your side


Our Escalation Manager will be pleased to assist you further if you have not yet found a solution. If needed, our Escalation Manager will set up a meeting with the escalation team and you to help you further. If necessary, higher management can be also involved based on your request.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Success Manager. You can find contact details in your PRM portal.