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Why Internet telephony via Voice over IP?

The Internet is the "place to be" for communication – and in telephony, too, the future connects via "Voice over IP". We are your strong partner for VoIP telephony infrastructures. As a provider of network solutions with trustworthy products, LANCOM offers you the perfect components for professional networks and telecommunications from a single source.

With the extensive expansion of All-IP, digital communication worldwide has been converted to the Internet Protocol – as has telephony. VoIP telephony, also known as IP telephony, describes the exchange of voice and communication data via the Internet Protocol (IP) instead of via the original telephone network. Terminal devices are no longer wired with NTBAs or splitters, but are simply connected to the broadband connection via the DSL router.

Modern corporate communications require reliable foundations

In contrast to private telephony, the requirements in the business environment are demanding. You want to integrate a large number of employees into your infrastructure as flexibly as possible and without great expense - here, high call quality, location independence and security are essential for smooth corporate communications. Professional business routers that offer you attractive telephony and maximum security functions as well as a wide variety of interfaces are therefore a must-have. With special LANCOM VoIP routers, you get a game-changer that provides you with the ideal basis for quality IP telephony without the need to change much about your existing infrastructure.

Advantages of Voice over IP

Where previously classic landlines always represented a parallel communication technology to the Internet, the IP-based network offers the integration of all services, such as telephony, TV, or mobile telephony via just a single infrastructure. This offers several advantages for both the network operator and for you.

Advantages for the network provider

Less maintenance, less costs

A single communications network provides a significant advantage to the network provider by eliminating the maintenance and upkeep of outdated additional landlines and reduces costs and resource consumption enormously.

Advantages for the VoIP user

Leaner infrastructures lead to lower operating costs

Attractive VoIP contracts are available – and competing – with offers tailored to your needs. By bundling Internet, mobile communications, and VoIP into a single all-inclusive contract, you can significantly save money.

Reachable anytime and anywhere if you want!

Unlike the landline network, telephoning via VoIP is completely location-independent. Whether you are in the office, in your home office, or on the road, with Internet access you can always be reached via your fixed telephone number as if you were in your company office. All you need for IP telephony is Internet access and an Internet-enabled end device.

Best voice quality

Voice over IP represents excellent voice quality: HD Voice. With a sufficiently dimensioned Internet line as well as professional quality of service functions of the router, which can prioritize voice data, you will experience the best sound quality at all times.

A masterclass in site connectivity

In our Online Masterclass Site Networking, we demonstrate in 30-minute webinars how companies can network their sites in a secure and future-proof way.

However, the practical experiences of other international companies are particularly interesting. With 500 locations in 21 countries, the Dussmann Group is a leading multi-service provider in the fields of facility management, food services, and technical solutions and has transformed its IT infrastructure into a more uniform, secure, and user-friendly one with LANCOM. Our video takes you through the project and reveals the reasons, challenges, and benefits of the rollout with LANCOM.

Would you like to know more about site networking? Then browse our topic pages or catch up with the online masterclass at your convenience:

Free expert know-how in 4 x 30 min.

Clear security promises instead of security rumors

LANCOM VoIP routers bear the IT Security Label of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). This means that a QR code scan is all it takes to verify that they comply with the strict security requirements of the BSI and that all security information on the devices classified as relevant by the BSI can be viewed on the BSI platform. In this way, we clearly focus on commitment and transparency and support conscious and informed purchasing decisions.

More about the BSI IT Security Label

VoIP connection in business environments

Small business

In small agencies, law firms, or practices, most colleagues need their own telephone line, so a business VoIP contract should be concluded to provide the appropriate number of telephone numbers. A LANCOM VoIP router is perfect for this infrastructure because, thanks to an integrated Voice Call Manager, it takes care of the configuration of the telephone numbers and also offers many additional telephony functions.

You save the investment in separate management, e.g. in the form of an additional PBX or a cloud-based solution, because the LANCOM VoIP router is your complete solution in one device.

Branch infrastructures

In companies with many networked locations or branch connections, the accessibility of each individual is just as essential – but on a large scale, because here a company phone number with the addition of a large number of direct dial numbers for employees is required.

The VoIP contract should therefore provide and assign the desired number of extensions.

In addition, a PBX is required (centralized in the main building or also cloud-based), which takes over the call management.

LANCOM VoIP routers – securely connected the right way!

The LANCOM router as a translation professional!

LANCOM VoIP routers are the ideal migration solution to equip you quickly and easily for future telephony without investing in expensive new telephony hardware. Whether you have modern VoIP end devices, PBXs, cloud-based solutions, or existing ISDN telephones, it does not matter. The LANCOM router automatically handles the translation between analog, ISDN, and VoIP, so you don't have to change anything at all in your existing infrastructure.

Telephony functions included

The LANCOM Voice Call Manager is already integrated in LANCOM VoIP routers and offers you extensive telephony functions. For example, the VCM takes over the classic tasks for telephone management, and all components connected to the router and their functions can be controlled automatically in the device. For small and medium-sized telephony infrastructures in particular, these call management functions often make the operation of a separate PBX unnecessary – and save you money.

LANCOM Session Border Controller – the firewall for telephony

Secure communication is essential, especially in the business environment. The use of a suitable Session Border Controller (SBC) should therefore be considered in network planning, because it is a fundamental gatekeeper and core element when it comes to the secure separation of the private network from the outside world. The LANCOM Voice Call Manager in the LANCOM VoIP routers offers common functions of a Session Border Controller: This enables the secure separation of external (insecure) and internal (secure) networks.

Read more about the Session Border Controller in our whitepaper!

Voice over IP – a VIP of bandwidth

Having enough bandwidth is the basis of excellent quality VoIP telephony. However, many parallel applications run over the Internet connection in particular. Thus, insufficient bandwidth and a lack of prioritization are often the cause of poorly perceived call quality. To ensure that voice delays and interference have no chance, LANCOM routers offer you Quality-of-Service functions. Voice over IP is prioritized and given preferential treatment through bandwidth reservation.

Interface diversity "at its best"

We cannot influence the stability of Internet access, but we can provide you with maximum reliability. Because: LANCOM VoIP routers have a wide variety of interfaces, making them ideal for business-critical applications. LANCOM offers you models that support a large variety of wired linesas well as the latest mobile communications standards 5G or LTE Advanced. Perfect for intelligent backup scenarios, in active/active operation, or as an alternative to wired Internet connections. Wireless connection of clients is also possible directly via the corresponding VoIP router, as devices with a Wi-Fi module can also be found in the portfolio.

The best investment security with LANCOM

You want to expand and need to extend your infrastructure? LANCOM offers you routers & gateways for every size. In addition, a wide range of optional expansion options ensure maximum flexibility and fast scalability. For example, the LANCOM VoIP +10 option allows 10 additional internal VoIP subscribers with their own telephone numbers to be registered on a LANCOM VoIP router.

VoIP with LANCOM Systems – "The perfect connection"

A good communications infrastructure in a company involves initial investment costs, but in the best-case scenario it can be used for many years. Now you may have invested a large sum in end-user devices and PBXs – possibly still based on outdated technology – just a few years ago and are asking yourself, as providers push for the switch to VoIP: Can my company still use all this equipment? In short: No problem at all with LANCOM VoIP routers. You can easily operate your existing infrastructure, so that you benefit from maximum investment security, regardless of your preconditions.

Conclusion: Together with LANCOM Systems, you can relax when making calls in your company.

Overview over LANCOM business VoIP routers

  • LANCOM 1926VAG-5G

    High-end SD-WAN gateway: 2x VDSL Supervectoring for active/active operation and 1x G.fast modem and 5G backup in SD-WAN

  • LANCOM 1926VAG-4G

    High-end SD-WAN gateway for scenarios with 2x VDSL Supervectoring and/or 1x G.fast and dual-SIM LTE Advanced backup

  • LANCOM 1926VAG

    High-end SD-WAN gateway with high bandwidth and intelligent load balancing with two VDSL Supervectoring modems

  • LANCOM 1906VA-4G

    High-end router with 2x VDSL2 vectoring and Dual-SIM LTE-Advanced as a backup line in SD-WAN scenarios

  • LANCOM 1906VA

    Multi-WAN SD-WAN gateway with 2x VDSL2 vectoring for intelligent load balancing and more bandwidth

  • LANCOM 1900EF-5G

    High-performance multi-WAN SD-WAN gateway with 5G modem, two Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports and fiber SFP port

  • LANCOM 1900EF

    High-performance multi-WAN SD-WAN gateway with 2x gigabit Ethernet WAN ports and fiber-optic for networking

  • LANCOM 1793VA-4G+

    SD-WAN VoIP gateway with VDSL Super Vectoring and LTE-Advanced for VPN, professional telephony and high-speed Internet

  • LANCOM 1793VA

    SD-WAN VoIP gateway with VDSL Super Vectoring for VPN site connectivity, professional telephony and high-speed Internet

  • LANCOM 1793VAW

    SD-WAN VoIP gateway with VDSL Super Vectoring and Wi-Fi 5 for VPN site connectivity, professional telephony and high-speed Internet

  • LANCOM 1784VA

    SD-WAN VoIP gateway with VDSL modem for migrating existing ISDN PBX systems and for reliable Internet for site networking


    Robust VoIP router with VDSL and Wi-Fi 5 in IP54 protective housing for use in covered outdoor installations

  • LANCOM 883+ VoIP

    SD-WAN VoIP gateway with VDSL Supervectoring and Wi-Fi 4 for professional telephony and high-speed Internet in small businesses

  • LANCOM 883 VoIP

    SD-WAN VoIP gateway for secure All-IP migration, telephony, and high-speed Internet via VDSL2 / ADSL2+ and WLAN

  • LANCOM 884 VoIP

    SD-WAN VoIP gateway with VDSL for migrating existing ISDN PBX systems and for reliable Internet in small companies

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