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This help portal provides a wide range of assistance to give you the best possible support when working with the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC). In addition to practical basic knowledge, you will also find numerous tutorials that describe how to use individual functions. In addition, you will find a bundle of further materials on technical issues, system requirements, and licensing information.


Get started with the LMC!

Learn how the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC) is designed, which kinds of user roles and rights are available and how to roll out many devices automatically and securely through zero-touch deployment. To use all the function of the LANCOM Management Cloud, we recommend using the latest LCOS release version.

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The LANCOM Management Cloud is constantly being further developed and equipped with new features and functions. Find out about the latest highlights and software release notes here.

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Learning with hands-on step-by-step instructions

Tutorial videos

Lean back as we use practical examples to teach you the basics of the LANCOM Management Cloud, show you helpful tips and tricks for setting up your networks, devices, and licenses, and introduce you to a wide range of LMC functions. The following topics are available as video tutorials:

All videos can also be found at LANCOM Management Cloud – Tutorial videos.

Knowledge Base

The LANCOM Knowledge Base provides information and helpful instructions on configuration and troubleshooting in the LANCOM Management Cloud. For example, the Knowledge Base also tells you how to use the browser extension Vimium in the LMC for keyboard-only control of web pages.

To the LMC Knowledge Base articles


The following techpapers explain how certain features in the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC) work and how to set them up.

Techpaper: Dynamic Path Selection

Techpaper: Cloud-managed hotspot

Techpaper: Open Notification Interface

Techpaper: Design guide switch stacking

Techpaper: Webhooks

Additional documentation

As an advanced user and developer, perform custom LMC configuration using scripts and learn about authentication and authorization mechanisms and API specifications of the LMC.

Add-in manual

API documentation


You ask – we answer!

Get answers to common questions about security, migration, features, WLAN, switches, routers / VPN, operations, and licensing.

FAQ about the LANCOM Management Cloud

Product and license information

How to know what's what

Here you will find information on system requirements and necessary licenses for the integration of LANCOM devices into the LANCOM Management Cloud.


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To enable us to further develop the LANCOM Management Cloud for your specific needs and requirements, we would like to ask for your feedback.

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