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Why VPN for secure site networking?

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are the most economical solution for securely encrypting the networking of multiple locations, even those that are very far apart. The trick: VPNs use the public medium of the Internet as a communication path and secure the connection in such a way that communication nevertheless remains completely inaccessible to external parties. With a secure VPN connection, companies can connect their branches, subsidiaries, and mobile employees to the internal network.

A masterclass in site connectivity

In our Online Masterclass Site Networking, we demonstrate in 30-minute webinars how companies can network their sites in a secure and future-proof way.

However, the practical experiences of other international companies are particularly interesting. With 500 locations in 21 countries, the Dussmann Group is a leading multi-service provider in the fields of facility management, food services, and technical solutions and has transformed its IT infrastructure into a more uniform, secure, and user-friendly one with LANCOM. Our video takes you through the project and reveals the reasons, challenges, and benefits of the rollout with LANCOM.

Would you like to know more about site networking? Then browse our topic pages or catch up with the online masterclass at your convenience:

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5 key advantages of LANCOM VPN solutions

Find out why exactly you should choose a VPN solution for your secure site networking – and why we, as your partner, make all the difference when it comes to VPN networking.

1. VPN is trustworthy

A VPN is a "secure data tunnel" through one of the most insecure media ever created by man: the Internet. Basically, a VPN is a private, virtual network based on IP, in which only users who belong to this network can exchange information and data. For the users, it appears as if they are in a shared network – just as if they were sitting together in the office. In such a VPN network, the authenticity, confidentiality, and integrity of all exchanged data are ensured, so that a trustworthy working environment is guaranteed. As a cloud-managed VPN, this remote access concept can be managed centrally and effortlessly and, in the case of the LANCOM Trusted Access Client, can also be developed into an access model based on the zero-trust principle if required.

The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) recommends VPN according to the IPsec-IKEv2 standard

In its Technical Guideline (TR) BSI TR-02102-3 of February 11, 2022 on the subject of "Cryptographic Procedures," the German Federal Office for Information Security recommends version 2 of the IKE protocol (IKEv2) when using IPsec VPN applications. LANCOM Systems follows this recommendation and relies exclusively on this standard for all VPN components, as well as other state-of-the-art security functions such as elliptic curves and AES-GCM for IPv4 and IPv6 – and thus on maximum protection for your data.

2. VPN is flexible

Smooth, location-independent communication is essential for efficient and economical operation and thus a decisive factor for your success. However, each company location has its own individual requirements, such as the existing Internet lines. In order to take this individuality into account, a solution is therefore required for the precise, flexible and, above all, secure design of the network – across locations, powerful, and protected against access by unauthorized parties. With VPN-capable devices from LANCOM, company networks of any size can be implemented securely and flexibly.

One portfolio for all connections

LANCOM offers the most comprehensive VPN portfolio on the market with interfaces for fiber optics, xDSL, Gigabit Ethernet, Supervectoring, LTE, LTE-Advanced, and 5G. This allows you to network small, medium-sized, and large enterprises independently of the Internet lines available at the site-using state-of-the-art VPN technology. The options for implementing secure and reliable VPN networking are as varied as your requirements.

3. VPN goes easy on your resources

With a professional and easy-to-use VPN solution, the secure networking of two or more locations is not a massive task: branches, branch offices, home offices or service providers and cooperation partners are securely connected to the corporate network without rigid and outdated MPLS lines and without complex detailed configurations. Authorizations can be assigned on a fixed basis via virtual networks, so that access is only granted to corporate data relevant to the task in hand. With this economically efficient solution, several securely isolated networks can be set up in parallel using just one infrastructure. At the same time, this massively saves on investment, configuration, and maintenance costs!

Techpaper: Advanced Mesh VPN

VPN champion for the eighth time in a row

For the eighth time in a row, LANCOM Systems is awarded the title of champion in the Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution area in the 2024 "Professional User Rating Security Solutions (PUR-S)" user survey conducted by the analyst firm techconsult. Top marks were awarded for the performance of the VPN routers, gateways, firewalls, and clients and their range of functions. Users also gave LANCOM top marks in the category "Solution benefits" when it came to "Reducing damage from security incidents", "Working more efficiently with secure solutions", and "Reducing the workload of the IT department". In the vendor evaluation, LANCOM achieves the best rating of all the vendors evaluated in the categories "Sales partners," "Price and purchasing models," and "Service and support," among others.

4. VPN is scalable

Whether it's a smaller agency with a few home offices or a multinational branch structure with high data volumes and many digital applications: A VPN solution is the right choice for networking companies of all sizes. IPsec VPN is a standard that ensures full interoperability of all components chosen according to the purpose and size of the site. Even new locations or external employees are integrated into the corporate network in no time at all. Thus, with a professional VPN infrastructure, you have the best hand and bet everything on future viability, scalability, and growth.

The core of secure growth

LANCOM VPN routers "grow" with your requirements: Simply upgrade them with additional VPN tunnels via a cost-effective software option! And the high-performance LANCOM central site VPN gateways form the core of any larger VPN networking strategy, because they implement cross-site multi-service IP network structures centrally, securely, with high performance, and with maximum reliability. If required, our "Integrated Services Gateways" can be easily expanded to include additional functions such as hotspot, clustering, or up to 3,000 VPN channels.

5. VPN is reliable

A cut Internet line is enough to bring the entire network and thus the entire work to a standstill. It's good to have professional equipment with backup functions! Here, several types of Internet connections available at the respective location, such as DSL, fiber optics or even mobile communications (5G / 4G), are used. Thus, the 5G line takes over the task as a backup of the primary Internet access in the event of a failure of the wired line, so that VPN connections are also maintained with high availability and no Internet failure is noticeable at the site. For more total bandwidth, professional routers with multiple WAN modems can also use several Internet lines in parallel: Active/active load balancing groups distribute data connections evenly over at least two lines and add up the individual bandwidths of the lines.

LANCOM HSVPN and active/active connections

Rely on the market-leading technology LANCOM High Scalability VPN (HSVPN): Significantly fewer VPN tunnels are required and recovery times in the event of a failover are significantly reduced. Thanks to the integrated load balancer, VPN connections can be conveniently combined into an active/active solution. Whether in combination with a LANCOM router, central site VPN gateway, or the innovative LANCOM vRouter: In addition to improved load balancing and takeover of data traffic if a connection fails, the VPN bandwidth for multiple clients is significantly increased by the aggregation.

Responsible networking with NIS2

Digital networking is enriching companies around the world and constantly evolving working life. However, network and information security must not be ignored. This is why the EU NIS2 directive now defines and prescribes this more precisely in order to increase cyber security overall and adapt it to current developments. Find out what this means and whether the new requirements affect your company.

More about NIS2

Rely on trust

As a leading German manufacturer of network solutions for business customers, we have been successfully implementing secure, reliable, and future-proof infrastructure solutions "Engineered in Germany" – 100% backdoor-free – for more than 20 years.

Thousands of satisfied customers trust in our network solutions, our know-how, and our deep understanding of the requirements of medium-sized businesses.

Next level: the zero trust principle

In comparison to classic VPN for secure and trusted full access to networks, ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) technology is based on an application-oriented approach, i.e. dedicated connections to specific permitted applications.

LANCOM Trusted Access combines both worlds in a modern, scalable cloud-managed remote access solution: Depending on the security requirements of your organization, it can be used as a cloud-managed VPN client for access to entire networks or as the basis of a comprehensive zero-trust security architecture. For the distribution of granular access authorizations, the LANCOM Management Cloud offers both internal user management and the option of integrating existing systems (Active Directory).

Get to know LANCOM Trusted Access

From gateways to VPN software

One-stop solution for all VPN networking needs

Build your trustworthy, flexible, resource-efficient, scalable, and reliable VPN infrastructure with LANCOM now: The LANCOM VPN routers and gateways, firewalls, and the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client offer the right solution for every requirement. Take advantage of the wide range of options for secure site networking.

Our powerful portfolio enables professional Internet access for large and medium-sized enterprises, branch offices and home offices with a flexible range of interfaces (fiber, xDSL, Gigabit Ethernet, supervectoring, LTE, LTE-Advanced, and 5G). VPN channels can be upgraded per device through further software upgrades. This makes your network optimally scalable and the infrastructure grows with you as needed – without additional hardware components.

To the product overview

What router do I need?

Good, high-performance routers are best matched perfectly to your networking situation. The choice varies depending on the location and size of the network, the environmental conditions, the number of sites or home offices to be integrated, and the desired features such as ports and modules (e.g. mobile communications, Wi-Fi).

The LANCOM Router Matchmaker has been designed to guide you to the ideal router for you in just a few minutes – quickly, conveniently, and with clear answers. Try it out and find the right router for your use case:

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How do I know that a high value is placed on network security?

We gladly let partners look over our shoulder

Trust also means transparency. That's why we have acquired the IT security mark of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for our routers. In this way, we show that the labeled LANCOM routers meet the strict security requirements of the BSI and give end users the opportunity to obtain comprehensive information on all the security functionalities of the devices by means of a QR code on the associated BSI platform.

More about the BSI IT Security Label

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