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New power for your switches

The operating system for LANCOM Switches - the LCOS SX - continuously receives innovative new features and improvements due to our in-house development. This guarantees that your internal networking is always state-of-the-art! Download the right SX version for your device now and benefit from new features and improvements.

Feature highlights

LCOS SX 5.10 RU2 features (for switches of the XS and GS-45xx series)

  • Preparatory steps for switching to the *.upx file format as of the upcoming version LCOS SX 5.20: LCOS SX 5.10 RU2 will be required for a later update to LCOS SX as of version 5.20
  • Correction of an index error in some multi-index tables of the LMC, where an error message about a power supply problem was erroneously displayed in the LMC for managed aggregation switches
  • Correction of an unnecessary login data request when calling the Secure Terminal via the LMC for switches for which a password was set in the LMC, instead of logging in the user directly with the user data of the LMC
Collage of LANCOM XS-switches with LCOS SX 5.10 logo

LCOS SX 4.00 RU6 features (for switches of the GS-31xx and GS-35xx series)

  • Bugfix for a previously incomplete configuration rollout of switchports in the LMC
  • Bugfixes and optimizations for pairing and claiming with the LMC
  • Bugfixes on the data bus of the GS-3152XSP which were responsible for faulty values of the PoE chip and temperature sensor

LCOS SX 3.32 RU7 features (for switches of the GS-13xx and GS-23xx series)

  • Problems with MAC-based 802.1x authentication against a RADIUS server fixed
  • 802.1X authentication optimized with "Single 802.1X," "Multi 802.1X", and "MAC-based Auth."
  • RADIUS attributes "NAS Identifier" and "Service Type=Call Check" are now transmitted
  • Length of SSH host key has been extended from 1024 bits to 2048 bits

Further information

Software Lifecycle Management

With LANCOM Systems you have a manufacturer at your side who offers unparalleled investment protection. The lifecycle policies from LANCOM also provide full transparency and reliable planning with regard to the firmware updates and product support for your LANCOM infrastructure. Read more: Software Lifecycle Management

Firmware version overview

Keep track of our current OS versions with our firmware version overview. It provides a comparison of the different versions and recommended usage: Click here for the firmware version overview

LANCOM release process

Our aim is the optimal preparation of our in-house operating systems LCOS, LCOS SX, LCOS LX, and LCOS FX and other software, not only for its use in practice, but also to adapt it to the wishes of our customers. This is why we enter into active dialog with our customers even during the development phase as part of our release procedure. Find out more about the LANCOM release process here

LCOS SX download

Before upgrading your device to a new firmware it is essential to backup your device’s configuration. Due to extensive features it is not possible to downgrade to a previous firmware without using the backup configuration. Never disconnect the device from power supply while updating the firmware. In this case the device won’t start again.